Milliseconds in a year


With Lorraine Lusinje:

In about 40 days, we will have completed another 365 days cycle that will mark the end of the year 2018. It feels like just a few months ago when we were celebrating the beginning of 2018; pregnant with hopes and dreams and ambitions and plans and resolutions – the list is endless. But, in essence, it has been a month short of a year. This just goes to show how transient time is; an aspect of life that is so intrinsic to our day-to-day living, yet so intangible.

We usually do not see the changes that happen in our lives as they are happening; we do not count the milliseconds that lead to days, months and years of life. One day, you just wake up and realise that as much as so much has remained the same, so much has also changed. Most will admit that their lives have evolved in ways that they would not have anticipated at the beginning of the year 2018.


Most will also admit that they had made plans they had to adjust somewhere along the way or they made plans that did not materialise because they procrastinated and underestimated the impact those milliseconds will have by the end of the year. Sometimes the hard realisation hits us, the realisation of just how much those seconds and minutes count; the seconds and minutes that would have led us closer to our goals.

We look at the amount of time that has passed and we missed the opportunities to make use of the time they had; the seconds and minutes we missed to save and invest; the seconds and minutes we missed to work harder on our work or personal projects; the seconds and minutes we missed to be kinder and more compassionate; the seconds and minutes we missed to be more disciplined and resilient; the seconds and minutes we missed to apologise and to forgive, the seconds and minutes we missed to take ourselves out of dangerous and toxic relationships and environments; the seconds and minutes that would have built up to the months and years of our success and our growth.

As they say, every minute counts. What counted for us in 2018? What can a year really do for us if we recognise the value of time and what every single second can do for us if we put it to good use? If we stay conscious of the transient value of a time that will never come again and realise that we only have one opportunity to make the best use of. December 2018 is around the corner, and there will never be another December 2018; what legacy do we want to build and give to the milliseconds that make up December 2018?


We are all gran ted the same time yet we derive different results from this time. The difference between those that make good use of their time and those that do not, is focus. Coming to the realisation that time is a precious currency and remaining focused on making the best of this currency is key to adding value to our day to day lives.

Time won’t change, times won’t improve, time won’t adjust, time won’t sympathise with you, time won’t babysit your intentions that do not manifest into actions or give you preferential treatment, time will remain what it is and it is us who need to get with the programme.

Procrastination is the enemy of progress and it is what usually hinders us from appreciating the importance of every passing second. Sometimes people wake up at 50 years of age and realise they have been procrastinating on important aspects of their lives for the past 30 years. Sounds incredible, but it is the reality that is out there. If one cannot appreciate the value of every passing second, 30 years can elapse in front of their eyes without them seeing it.

It is much better to use minutes every day to work on a project than wait for a full free week or a full free year to “concentrate” that might never happen.

When we appreciate time, we celebrate life. The choice is ours, whether we want to end up celebrating a life well lived or a life wasted in a haze of unappreciated milliseconds.

I rest my case

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