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Mind Power: Welcome to 2016


THE much anticipated 2016 if finally here, three days old to be exact. Congratulations for being among those God has allowed to crossover.

I am very sure you have already been flooded with numerous “Happy New Year” messages and you have been “wished a prosperous 2016”. If you are a Christian, you might have entered the year in church, praying and declaring that this will be the year you will have your breakthroughs.

Your church probably has a special theme for 2016. It could be the Year of Restoration, or the Yea of Open Doors”, or the Year of God’s Favour” or whatever prophetic theme your spiritual leaders have chosen for 2016.


If you are not the churchgoing type, maybe you partied the night away on December 31, bidding farewell to 2015 and welcoming 2016 drunk.

I am sure by today the excitement has died down and you are fully sober, probably broke and thinking of how to face the rest of General January. However you chose to get into 2016 matter less. What is going to a lasting different is how you invest each day of 2016, a free gift that God will give to all of us alike.

It is not the change of the dates or year that will really matter, but the change in you.


It is not so much about the church declarations nor the prosperous New Year wishes you were showered with. Remember, a wish is nothing but just that — a wish. What will make the year prosperous is what you resolve to become in 2016.

You need to get into 2016 with a more advanced and updated version of you.

Is your Mind Operating Software (MOS) upgraded and 2016 compatible? MOS is an analogy that I use to explain that your mind is like the computer or cell phone operating software.

You cannot do WhatsApp or surf the internet on Nokia 3110 phones or “Mose wa Lero”!

The operating software in those old phones is not compatible to the latest apps. You cannot do much on a computer loaded with Windows 95. But I bet you can do much more with one running on Windows 10. The same is true with your mind, it must be constantly upgraded for you to handle the new challenges we face in life.

Albeit Einstein once said that you cannot solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them. You first need to upgrade your thinking and then try to attempt solving your problems. 2016 will come with new sophisticated challenges.

The “old you” might not be compatible and advanced enough to deal with the challenges. Take time to upgrade your thinking. Read mind challenging and sharpening books. Attend seminars that will give you better and advanced knowledge and skills.

Associate with progressive people so that you learn from them and develop your own thinking capabilities.

Set regular time intervals to plan and evaluate your progress.

I recommend that you do this once every month. The 366 days of 2016 must be properly utilised and accounted for.

Resolve that each day will be invested and not spent. Make a plan for each day before you go through it. Set aside enough time for personal development. Work hard on improving your skills and capabilities so that you increase your personal value.

Don’t waste your precious days doing trivia, unimportant things, petty arguments, or gossip. You will be surprised how fast the year will slip by if you don’t set your priorities and goals.

You must identify the few critical issues (about 20 percent) that should occupy 80 percent of your time. Be focused and put your energy and time into things that will make a great difference in your own life and those you care about. Never forget that for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.

Resolve to make 2016 a year of personal transformation.

Nothing new or extra-ordinary will happen in your life this year simply because the year has changed. What will bring about success is when you focus on your own personal development and transformation. Evaluate your habits and drop all bad habits that have been holding you down.

Embrace the habits that will propel you towards greater success. Change yourself and the world around you will change. One more thing: update the top ten list of close friends.

It’s time to drop all negative and toxic friends, they will simply drain your energy and slow you down. Welcome to 2016.

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