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Minister pushes for debt relief at peace summit

MTAMBO—Humanity yearns for peace

Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo has urged the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) to rally behind calls pushing for debt relief as a measure of helping developing countries such as Malawi recover from the impacts of the Covid pandemic and the Russia- Ukraine war.

Mtambo said in the developing world, the major threat to peace will be the economic depression due to the two global incidents.

He indicated that the rising cost of living and shortage of food is becoming a big governance threat.

The minister was speaking on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea, during the Global Summit on Peace and Leadership which was held from August 11 to 15.

He said peace remains a long-cherished dream of humanity and that delegates were going back to their respective countries with hope for a world where peace and unity among human beings will one day be realised.

“Today, more than ever before, humanity yearns for peace, individually and collectively as communities, societies and nations.

“Despite great scientific and technological advancements, conflicts, unrest, violence, terrorism and destruction continue to be part of human experience both in the developed and less-developed world,” Mtambo said.

He also told delegates to the conference that his ministry is working on the integration of civic, peace and moral education in the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Mtambo said the idea is to ensure that at an early stage, children should be assisted to grow and develop attitudes of peace and acquire knowledge and skills on social coexistence, patriotism and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The gathering, which focused on the theme of ‘Towards Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Towards a World Culture of Peace’, attracted over 300 delegates from 157 countries with diplomatic ties with South Korea and North Korea.

The delegates included heads of state, speakers of parliament, cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, religious leaders, business and finance leaders, academicians and civil group representatives.

In their welcome message, UPF Chairman Thomas G. Walsh and Director-General Yun Young-ho said the world is experiencing multiple challenges such as the Covid pandemic, war, climate change, pollution and corruption.

UPF is a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to building a world of peace centred on universal spiritual and moral values.

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