Ministry dismisses Covid-19 vaccine fears


By Patience Lunda:

George Jobe

Ministry of Health officials have dismissed fears that some people are having towards Covid-19 vaccine set to be administered in the first half of 2021, which will see at least 3.8 million Malawians benefitting.

Secretary for Health Charles Mwansambo has said, since making the announcement that Malawi was among beneficiaries of the vaccine, some sections of the society were misinforming others that the vaccine was harmful.


Mwansambo said it was unfortunate that some anti-vaccine groups had emerged and were discouraging people from accepting the vaccine.

He said a committee responsible for receiving reports of side-effects caused by vaccines was already in place and assured Malawians that the ministry could not accept products that would harm users.

“Every medicine or vaccine has side-effects but, before being recommended for human use, disadvantages and advantages are first weighed and measures are put in place to ensure than side-effects are reported,” Mwansambo said.


Malawi is in the preparatory stages of the vaccine and has applied for support under the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access facility, which has procured the vaccine.

The vaccination will first target frontline health workers, those with diabetes, lung and heart conditions as well as those aged 65 years and above.

Commenting on the matter, Malawi Health Equity Network Executive Director George Jobe said there was a need to clear misconceptions that some people have towards vaccines.

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