Ministry urges improved governance in education


The Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) has said intensifying governance and management in the education sector can improve education standards in the country.

Minister responsible Emmanuel Fabiano said despite the education sector facing numerous challenges, all technical groups must ensure that there is significant governance and management of the available limited resources.

During the joint sector review meeting currently underway in Lilongwe, Fabiano said the reforms that are being implemented in the education sector are also mainstreaming governance and management.


“The four areas of reforms have highlighted governance and management because we know that without taking into account these areas at school, division and national level we shall not achieve our objective. What we are doing is looking at how things were being done before and how we can improve now and beyond,” he said

Among areas of reforms, the education sector earmarks for decentralising its operations and that promotion of teachers to be done based on performance.

The meeting will also discuss formulation of national education policy that hardly existed and, according to Fabiano, this will help to guide stakeholders in the education sector.


Education activist, Benedicto Kondowe, who is also Executive Director for Civil Society Education Coalition (Csec), while commending some significant strides made in the sector, said there are still internal inefficiencies that are frustrating the sector’s efforts.

“We have not been able to significantly reduce dropout rate, repetition rate which are weakening gains made so far. The other thing is quality,” Kondowe said.

The two-day meeting is being conducted under the theme “Strengthening Governance and Management for Improved Access and Quality in Education”.

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