Mkakeni Kaunda resurfaces


Musician Mkakeni Kaunda famous for the romantic track ‘Lydia Girl’ is back with a new album titled Ndakwatira Ronaldo that he plans to launch in November this year.

The Blantyre-based musician, who is a brother to celebrated musician and legislator Billy, admitted that he has been inactive.

“If you observe the industry now, you will see that there are not many veteran musicians producing albums. This is because of rampant piracy and this is what put me off, it is not that I had run out of ideas,” Mkakeni said.


“Of course I am looking at collaborations going forward because that is the only way I can reach out to all the ages. But I have maintained my touch which people know me for and have tried as much to tackle real issues happening in the society,” he said.

In the tracks ‘Ndakwatira Ronaldo’, and ‘Kulibe Manda A Mbeta’ the artist zeroes in on relationships .

“I composed these two songs looking at how unhealthy relationships are these days. You look at what is happening in marriages. I am using music to bring about change,” he said.


The other promotional songs that he has dropped are ‘Haragunya’ and ‘Awone Pole’.

“I want to launch this album on November 24th which is the birthday of my brother Billy. I want to use the album as a gift to him,” he said.

Mkakeni kept his faith in his music saying people will enjoy the package he has prepared for them.

“I know a lot of people know me with ‘Lydia Girl’ but there are equally a number of good songs I have done in my previous albums. My coming out is not about the album only but I am also looking at holding live performances,” Mkakeni said.

This is Mkakeni’s fourth album. His previous collections are Sindizakusekeleraninso which has ‘Lydia Girl’, Bombasa and Pachema Lero.

The project has seen Mkakeni working with Yuse Uganda and Billy Kaunda Jr.

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