Modular Smartphones


Desktop and many laptop computers are modular by design. They are made of various discrete parts that are replaceable individually.

If you have had your desktop for some time and its beginning to show signs of aging, you can revitalise it by changing the casing and behold it will get a new lease of life.

As time goes, you may bump into newer model desktops with faster chips and more memory and storage on the market.


Instead of discarding your entire PC and rush to a shop to acquire a new one, you can simply upgrade those features.

At the fraction of the price of a completely new PC, you can replace your slower chip, less generous memory or inadequate storage.

This means that you can keep your PC for longer as it is completely repairable. Against conventional thinking, such parts are very easy to replace.


Smartphones are not made this way. Most of them are not modular. They are made of parts that are soldered together to form almost one complete part. In the language of Apple design, smartphones are unibody.

Is this the best design concept?

The answer depends on which side of the argument you are. For companies like Apple, Samsung or OnePlus probably this is the best thing that ever happened on planet earth.

This model pushes sales for modern models for these companies.

Each year Apple and Samsung releases new flagship models and their customers are expected to abandon their year old smartphones for the allure of tad increases in chip speeds, upsurge in camera population at the back that they will never use and for more storage that they will never fill.

Just what if smartphones were modular?

You would not have to change the whole set just to add an additional selfie camera. All you would do is to buy the additional selfie snapper and add it in.

If you needed to increase the processing power, you would simply replace the Snapdragon chip and the Samsung memory.

The truth of the matter is that modular smartphones do exist. One such is Fairphone 3+. 70 percent of it is made from recyclable plastic. This makes it the most environment friendly phone. You can even swap cameras.

It is so easy to repair, you simply pull the defective part and replace it with a new one.

It is 5.6 inch full HD display and runs Android 10. This is not an American product but European. This is the world’s leading modular and repairable smartphone design. It is cheap; €419.

Modular smartphone design is fair to you, the customer, you only opt for parts that you need.

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