Moment of ‘Sowing Seeds’


By Chris Loka, contributor:

Despite the creative industry being heavily affected by Covid, artists in different disciplines in the country continue to passionately make and produce new material.

The film industry has not been left behind as fresh films to entertain, educate and inform people continue to hit the market, a positive sign that the industry is flourishing.


Having sampled films such as All We Have is Us by Ashukile Mwakisulu and Fatsani: A Tale of Survival by HD Plus, it is now time to sample a new film by Cathreen Mlenga titled Sowing Seeds.

It has been a long time but all is set for Sowing Seeds premiere tomorrow at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

Mlenga is enthusiastic, this being her debut film.


“This film was produced to encourage women and girls to fight poverty and mental misery. The ultimate goal is to create heroines inspired by real life and relatable Malawian stories instead of fiction,” she said.

Mlenga follows in the footsteps of film-makers such as Flora Suya, Joyce Mhango Chavula and Chimwemwe Mkwezalamba in producing own movies.

Her Sowing Seeds was inspired by the works of Chief Kachindamoto in Ntcheu District and the death of her friend, who died while giving birth at the age of 16.

She added that the film aims at influencing mindset change.

Mlenga has since said that 40 percent of the proceeds of the premiere will go towards secondary schools and community campaigns to offer career guidance and counseling as well as conduct talk sessions with students on issues of mental health andothers.

“We will also be able connect young people with change makers and entrepreneurs to share ideas and mentor them on their areas of interest,” she said.

With several events postponed due to Covid, Mlenga said they will strictly follow all the measures including wearing of facemasks.

The movie premiere is expected to be spiced up by music from Saint and Provoice.

Saint, who showed his acting skills in All We Have is Us, said he is always happy to be part and parcel of initiatives that aim at making a difference.

“This movie is not only exciting but also educative and, so, I am ready to offer my songs,” he said.

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