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Moral decay has reached nauseating levels

Malawians have, for a long time, been regarded as the warmest creatures on the earth— as evidenced by the moniker the Warm Heart of Africa.

But, sadly, we seem to be losing touch with our warm-heartedness, gauging by the hard-heartedness of some Malawians who have stolen a portable ultrasound machine from people who were here to help us.

At a time cancer has become a menace, some well-wishers, high on the spirit of compassion, have dedicated themselves to the task of serving others, especially women with cancer by offering screening services; which is only human because, as propagated by the spirit of Umunthu or Ubuntu, humans must stand for each other.

Regrettably, there are others who are willing to frustrate such efforts, as evidenced by the behaviour of some people who have stolen a portable ultrasound machine from people who are here to help our women reduce the risk of dying of cancer by promoting awareness of their status.

In so doing, the thieves have exposed innocent women, who have been denied the knowledge about their cancer status, to preventable death.

Of course, we know that ignorance has a cost. Probably, the shameless Malawians who have stolen the machine mistook it for a laptop; for, as the owners have said, the machine looks like a laptop.

Whatever the case, it is shameful to steal from people who needed help. In fact, it is shameful to steal anything from anyone, for that retards development. In the health sector, theft of important resources spells a death sentence, for others are denied their right to good health.

In the long run, theft, such as what has happened in this case, gives Malawians a bad name.

It is high time we rediscovered our love for each other, be it locals or foreigners; otherwise, we are in for a shock, as well-wishers may not be forthcoming with their good will.

The best the thieves can do is to return the machine and give our women, especially those with cancer, a new lease of life. The rest of us can do the needful by reporting any suspects to the authorities.

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