More elderly persons killed

KAVALA—Manepo expects the government to demonstrate political will

A mob killed two elderly persons in Ntchisi District over witchcraft allegations on Tuesday, a second incident in two weeks that has attracted condemnation.

Ntchisi Police spokesperson, Richard Kaponda, said the angry mob killed 78-year-old Dickson Thomas from M’njeza Village and his 69-year-old wife Veronica Semion from Mataya Village, both from Traditional Authority (T/A) Nthondo in the district, whereas a third targeted victim was rescued by well-wishers.

The attack follows the death of Tanazio Ephraim at Ntchisi Hospital after he had suffered from headache which Kaponda said made the angry mob suspect the three victims “were practicing witchcraft and used to go to Mozambique where they were playing football by allegedly using the head of Tanazio Ephraim, 13, from M’njeza Village, T/A Nthondo in Ntchisi, who fell in a witchcraft plane when coming from Mozambique.”


Reacting to the development, Malawi Network for Older Persons Organisation (Manepo) executive director, Andrew Kavala, has since condemned the continued abuse and killing of older persons in the country.

“Manepo demands speedy revision of the Witchcraft Act, in particular repeal of Section 6, aimed at preventing further discrimination, abuse and violence against innocent older men and women accused of practicing witchcraft. At the same time, Manepo expects the government to demonstrate political will by guaranteeing the safety and protection of the elderly in this country,” Kavala said.

A few weeks ago, police arrested Paul Kamwetsa, 32, for allegedly hacking two elderly people to death at Nseula Village, T/A Dambe in Neno District on allegation that they were behind the death Kamwetsa’s I7-year-old brother.


In 2016, a mob killed four elderly persons in T/A Dambe on similar grounds.

Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates that no one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.

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