Morgan Heritage flops


Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage is a top band no doubt about that but they failed the audience big time after they used a CD during a concert at Silver Stadium in Lilongwe.

With only three members showing up namely Peter Morgan, Gramps Morgan and Memmalatel ‘Mr. Mojo’ Morgan, the massive audience which waited for a long time for the group, anticipated nothing but a live performance only for them to play using a CD.

This did not go down well with the people who started trekking to the venue early in the morning; they started booing the group, some pelted bottles while others simply just walked out.


There have been performances where some international acts have used CDs but professionally with a DJ skillfully doing the job. But Morgan Heritage’s set was amateurish with Mr Mojo failing to do the job.

The other pain in the flesh of the fans was that they waited for a longtime as if something powerful was going to come only to be treated to an awful performance.

When the boos were getting stronger, Gramps sensed danger and came in to explain.


“The whole band could not have come down because of costs but because of the efforts that Born Afrikan put in, we didn’t want to cancel the show, hence we had to come by any means necessary. We did it because of the love for Malawi. This is just an introduction.

“This is an appetiser but in 2016 we are bringing back the Morgan Heritage family,” said Gramps who said they would reveal the dates once everything is in black and white.

He said now they have enough time to prepare for the concert next year and called upon Malawians to pray for them having been nominated in the Grammy Awards for the first time after 23 years.

Before Gramps came in, Peter tried to explain but fans did not want to listen to his excuse.

But after an explanation from Gramps some fans accepted the situation as the group went on to dish out their songs which included a song from their latest album Strictly Roots.

“We are happy to be here and Malawi is one of the beautiful countries in Africa. You have beautiful places like Lake Malawi,” he said and apologised to those who were disappointed.

Peter said they explained during a press conference that the full band would not perform.

Morgan Heritage jumped on stage close to midnight and performed for close to one and half hours before signing off.

Fans were disappointed and many who painted their faces with Rastafarian colours of green, yellow and red while others were in Morgan Heritage’s T-shirts, did not mince words saying they had been robbed after coughing K15,000 and K10,000 on entry.

“This is theft. I have been robbed, this is not what I expected, and playing using a CD is as good as listening to a CD at home. The only thing I can say I am satisfied is that I saw the three,” said Robert Chirwa.

An artist who did not want to be named said he was disappointed with Morgan Heritage.

“To me I came here to learn how they do it, I wanted a live performance and not what they did. To me the local artists did better than Morgan Heritage. Again the promoters would have told us in advance that this would be the case and that it was only the three who had come,” said the singer and guitarist.

Some people travelled all the way from South Africa, Zambia, Mzuzu and Blantyre to be part of this concert meant to be historical but it turned out to be a headache during this festive season.

The organisers, Born Afrikan Productions, announced that the gates would open at 10am and many people felt the concert would start in time but it was not as the first act started at around past 5pm.

Reggae musician Sal ly Nyundo was the first to open the floor before Soul Raiders led by Prince Martin and Joel Suzi took over the stage.

After Soul Raiders came some free style dancehall performances from among others Annie Matumbi and Blasto before Black Missionaries set.

The Chileka-based group performed for some time until around past 8pm when some dancehall acts also came up.

The organisers simply looked disjointed with their programme as thereafter the stage was empty and the audience was disappointed with some people who had come with their families resorting to sleeping on the pitch.

After a long wait, the audience then was treated to a performance by Born Afrikan real name Nelson Shaba who performed with his All Nations Band.

The South African-based singer, who spearheaded the coming of Morgan Heritage through his Born Afrikan Productions, offered a perfect live act.

He even went further to perform a Tumbuka song ‘Namuseweza,’originally done by Kidd Mkandawire which brought dancer Wendy Harawa to the stage to show her dance moves.

“I am happy to be home once again and would like to say thank you for your support, more people came but I am disappointed with the sound and then security, the VIP section ended up being occupied by people who were not supposed to be there,” said Born Afrikan.

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