Motorcycle taxi riders protest


Motorcycle taxi riders in Lilongwe on Monday failed to petition the District Commissioner (DC) on the ban that stops them from operating in the city.

The riders have promised to petition Lilongwe City Council today after the DC refused to receive their petition.

This comes after the police and road traffic department impounded motorcycles last week because the owners were allegedly flouting road traffic rules.


Police said the men were riding the motorcycles without helmets and with some having no licences.

One of the riders, Mabvuto Alimoso, said they were not happy with the way the police and road traffic officers were treating them.

“Some of our colleagues have been fined K50,000 for riding unregistered motorcycles. We cannot afford to pay such fines and this is our only livelihood. We want them to reduce the fines we pay and also to open schools where we can learn road safety rules,” Alimoso said.


Sources at the DC’s office said they refused to accept the petition and referred them to Lilongwe City Council because it is LCC that is responsible for affairs in the city.

Chairman of Area 23 Kabaza, Kondwani Kamaliza, promised that they will deliver the petition to the council today.

“If they want us to register our motorcycles, they need to reduce the amount. We cannot afford to pay the K250,000 registration fee,” he said.

As the motorcycle taxi riders took to the streets, some people took to social media to condemn them for apparently endangering lives due to what they described as the riders’ recklessness and failure to observe traffic rules.

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