Move to increase artists visibility


Government, through the Department of Arts in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife, is developing an information system that will help in marketing arts to the world.

Director of Arts Humphrey Mpondaminga said they have been coordinating the efforts.

“This will be a platform to promote and market creative products, with a focus on all art disciplines. We are working to have the system online and start the initial data capturing,” Mpondaminga said.


He then appealed to creatives in the country to make use of the system once it goes online, adding that creatives need to upload profiles of their creative works.

“All this shows that the government values the creative industry and it resonates well with what policymakers for arts and culture from across the world had agreed in September. Malawi was among 150 countries that gathered in Mexico for the historic World Cultural Summit.

“Among other things, the summit confirmed the role of arts and culture in society and one of the resolutions was that culture was declared a global public good,” Mpondaminga said.


He said arts and culture play a fundamental role in societies, including development of nations and economic empowerment of communities.

“Arts and culture need to be given the platform to excel regardless of national boundaries and ethnic backgrounds,” Mpondaminga said.

Meanwhile, Mpondaminga has said there is progress in the rehabilitation of the once mighty entertainment mecca – Blantyre Cultural Centre.

The venue, which was ransacked in 2011, has been in pathetic state for some time and the government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife, is yet to restore it.

“The contractor is on site and there is progress now on the rehabilitation of the amphitheatre. There has been a delay because, along the way, there have been some issues and, so, we had to redesign and engineers had to assess other works. The works were split and that is why we are doing it in phases but the amphitheatre is on course,” Mpondaminga said.

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