Moving in circles


Granted, some people have repetitive behaviour.

It is also true that some people work well when what they do is attached to a routine.

But, then, this is a personal choice.


When it comes to national issues, citizens— who pay taxes and oil government affairs— do not want someone to spend their [taxpayers’] money on something that will not bear positive fruit.

After all, everyone wants to be associated with success. The more immediate the success the better.

If one fears that what they are investing their energy and resources in may not bear fruit, they invest their resources elsewhere. Or else, they delay the action, waiting for an opportune time.


The idea, which is embedded in a cliché anyway, is that you do not do the same thing countless times and expect different results. Life does not work that way, especially when you are doing things that have a formula.

Ironically, this is what the Government of Malawi has been trying to do.

I am referring to the issue of relocation refugees and asylum seekers to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

It seems like the government has something up its sleeve but is not being forthcoming on it.

I mean, it has fought countless battles, be it on court premises or otherwise, just to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers go back to Dzaleka.

And this, sadly, seems to be fuelled by some Malawians who, I suspect, believe that when the refugees and asylum seekers go back to Dzaleka, they will inherit properties owned by refugees and asylum seekers.

For me, this is the burden of carrying the yoke of jealousy on the shoulders for far too long.

I mean, I do not see the reason why people would hate on refugees and asylum seekers, as if they mean any harm.

Here are people who are oiling Malawi’s economy. Through small-scale businesses they run, they sell merchandise at discount prices while their Malawians counterparts charge a leg.

And when the refugees and asylum seekers do well in business, the Malawians claim that the refugees and asylum seekers are crowding them out of business.

That is not true. Malawians crowd themselves out of business. They charge double the prices which refugees and asylum seekers charge.

So, the solution is not hating on these people; the solution is to learn from them.

Of course, I know that some of the refugees and asylum seekers have been duping Malawians by putting posters all over the place, claiming that they can help one find lost lovers, that they can help one get rich quick. That is bad behaviour but it is only a few misguided people that do that.

Such people change their witchdoctor names every now and then. They even keep in the dark when Malawians seek services from them. It is a typical case of theft.

If the government is after those, fine and well. But the rest are good and mean well for the country.

Otherwise, I am not surprised that some United Nations agencies have disowned the refugees relocation drive, indicating that they would neither be part of those attending meetings not spend a tambala on the exercise.

They know that, at Dzaleka, where congestion is the order of the day, standards of living of those that are in towns and rural areas now may deteriorate. We must all promote good living standards.

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