Mozambican police enter Tsangano


There was commotion at Tsangano Trading Centre in Ntcheu Monday when Mozambican police officers made their way into the area in an attempt to restore order after some Malawians allegedly went into Mozambique and ransacked shops belonging to some Burundians staying in that country.

It is alleged that one of the Burundian shop owners on the Mozambican side of Tsangano abducted a boy from Malawian side, a situation that infuriated people from the boy’s village who subsequently entered Mozambique and attacked a number of Burundian households.

National Police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa said some people took advantage of the commotion to steal property belonging to the Burundians and the Mozambican security personnel were engaged in a process of bringing sanity in the area.


“We are working together with our friends in Mozambique to ensure that peace is restored in the area. Whenever there is commotion, there are always some people with criminal intention and it does not mean the officers from the two sides are clashing but we are together doing that operation to stop the conflicting parties from further quarrelling,” Gondwa said.

He said with support from Mozambican officers, officers in Malawi managed to rescue the boy from the Burundian but police were yet to get information on the reasons behind abduction.

“We are trying to ask the boy on what really happened to him. We are still on the ground and we will tell the nation what really transpired but the relationship between Malawi and Mozambique police is good,” he said.


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