MP blames Ndirande water woes on politics


Member of Parliament for Ndirande Malabada Aaron Sangala on Saturday claimed that politicisation of water kiosks has affected water access and sanitation situation in the area.

Sangala was speaking when the area’s Water Users’ Association elected a new committee.

The eleven-member committee is expected to oversee the running of the 79 kiosks in the area.


Sangala said Ndirande Malabada has had water kiosks since 1996 when Unicef initiated the project in the area.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator claimed, however, that operations of the kiosks became affected when some people started to use them as a political tool.

“I would say it all started during the United Democratic Front era when some politicians began to politicise the project and in the process they corrupted the minds of those who operated the kiosks.


“When Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) came in, we tried to change things but not to my satisfaction because things now got worse. We are here to start anew and I am glad we have reached this point. It is our sincere hope that the new committee will help people to have access to clean water,” said Sangala.

Newly-appointed chairperson of the association Fred Magalasi said everyone in the area deserves clean water.

He pledged he would work with all the people regardless of the party they belong to ensure that the water problem is dealt away with.

“We have 79 kiosks when other areas in Blantyre have more than that, reason being politics crept in and started to cause chaos. This time we will not allow that because this development is from government to all people in the country and as chairman I will make sure that we should achieve that objective,” Magalasi said.

Water Users’ Associations are being established in Blantyre by Water for People with funding from Tilitonse.

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