Mr Cool admits music market tough


By Sam Banda Jnr:

Musician Anthony Makondetsa, better known as Mr Cool on Sunday admitted that artists in the country are struggling to make ends meet.

The musician said this after his performance at Village House in Blantyre, where he offered several songs from his collection.


The artist shared the stage with Black Missionaries as well as other Chileka siblings such as Yanjanani Chumbu and Khonzie Masimbe.

“There is progress in my music because our duty as artists is to educate, inform and entertain. God uses us to speak for the voiceless because we have that platform to do that,” Makondetsa said.

Having launched his eighth album Ndagwira Mbendera last year, Makondetsa said the album has been embraced by the people but was quick to say that the market is tough.


“Songs are everywhere, where people are accessing them for free, with technology taking its space. It is good that the message is penetrating all corners but artists are getting nothing. We depend on this talent to earn our bread and butter but when you have people accessing this talent for free, then you get frustrated,” he said.

Makondetsa maintained that he would continue to use music as a weapon to tackle different issues affecting society, citing the abduction and killing of people living with albinism as one of them.

“I will not stop using my talent to speak about critical issues affecting the society. As a musician. I am hurt by the abduction and killing of people with albinism. I will actually come out very soon where I will speak on the issue in the song,” he said.

During the show which attracted an impressive audience, Makondetsa took people down memory lane when he played songs from his earlier albums before finishing his set with recent songs.

He was the toast of the moment as he enjoyed support from the audience who danced to his vibes before he left the stage for Black Missionaries.

Black Missionaries continued from where Makondetsa had stopped and offered songs from their Kuimba albums.

Led by lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, the reggae group showed its energy once again when it performed for a long time, with the audience not letting them go.

Having started their performance around 9pm, Black Missionaries starred until the early hours of Monday.

“It was a good show. It’s been some time since we performed here. We performed for long and people were satisfied. I also want to take this opportunity to say that, as Black Missionaries, we will continue to use our shows to speak against the abduction and killing of people living with albinism. This is crucial and we will continue to do so until things change,” Anjiru said.

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