Mr Malawi ineligible for title defence


By Mphatso Malidadi & Llywellenie Mpasa:

Emmanuel ‘Muscle Manzy’ Muhuwa is ineligible to defend his Mr Malawi title or feature in local amateur competitions after becoming the first Malawian bodybuilder to earn the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFFB) professional licence.

Muhuwa is now a member of IFBB Professional leagues and the National Physique Committee (NPC), having obtained a ‘Pro Card’ in South Africa.


This will allow him to compete in any competition organised by IFBB internationally.

Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Association of Malawi President Arox Kamng’ona has congratulated Muhuwa for earning the professional licence.

Kamng’ona confirmed that the champion will no longer compete in local amateur competitions.


“He is ineligible for our local amateur bodybuilding competitions, including the annual Mr Malawi bodybuilding contest. So we will have a new Mr Malawi come October 2023. We thank him for his hard work, focus, perseverance, humility and the support he renders to the association,” he said.

Muhuwa competed at the iCandy NPC Regionals and came first in the open light heavyweight category.

He also excelled in the overall division, which involves winners of all divisions.

On Sunday, Muhuwa competed in the NPC African Pro Qualifiers where athletes from all over Africa battled it out to win one Pro Card which was up for grabs.

Muhuwa won the light heavyweight division, earning him the IFBB Pro Card that made him an internationally recognised pro bodybuilder.

Speaking on arrival at Chileka Airport in Blantyre on Tuesday, Muhuwa said he was humbled to have won four gold medals.

“I will use this as a stepping stone to new challenges. I am now ready to compete at the highest level. My plan is to compete and win in more international competitions,” Muhuwa said.

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