Mr President, you are the one living on the moon


Before I arrive at the centre of my column business today, let me say it here that I felt sad and bad to see the Vice-President Saulos Chilima cut a lonely figure at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political rally at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe.

All senior figures of the party and cabinet ministers that matter in the Peter Mutharika administration were given a chance to speak, including Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe who had the privilege of requesting the President to speak to the mammoth crowd.

Well, poor soul, Chilima did not have that privilege, a clear indication that he is a guest in the Jerusalem called DPP.


Chilima should count himself a temporary official of the party, after all he holds a funny position of adviser to the party; I wonder how many times the party has consulted him for advice.

This is the genesis for trouble for the succession plans of the party; this is very true whether the DPP likes it or not.

Mutharika and DPP wanted to use Chilima for the 2014 polls and that the elections are over, the President and the party have achieved what they wanted, Chilima is of no use for the party as of now.


No wonder, the Veep was reduced to a mere spectator when George Chaponda, Goodall and the others stole the party show at the rally.

Chilima looked rejected, abandoned, unwanted and dejected as the party welcomed back recycled politicians into the party’s rank and file.

Well, enough of Chilima, let me now comment on President Mutharika’s tantrums or outbursts during the Masintha rally that his government critics, especially the media, do not live in Malawi but live either on the moon, Jupiter or Mars, that is why they cannot see the development in the country.

I have a contrary opinion. I think it is the President who is not in Malawi; he should be living on the moon, Jupiter or Mars, and this is why he cannot see the suffering of his people.

Any sensible eye, any sensible ear and any sensible sense can give testimony that Malawi is moving in reverse, that the country is going in the wrong direction and that it needs a strong, selfless, transformation leadership to turn things for the better.

Parading cabinet ministers at a political rally to convince Malawians that things will be better in future does not help matters.

Malawi is worse than countries emerging from war; the economic situation has led to many side effects, including many deaths.

The maize might be available in Admarc depots but the K12, 000 price tag per bag is beyond the reach of the majority poor in these harsh economic times.

The cost of life is already very high or I should say extremely high for the majority poor as most Malawians are failing to have the basics of life.

Education and health services in public institutions have completely collapsed; just go to primary schools where learners get their education under trees and hospitals cannot provide basic medications to patients.

President Mutharika should, therefore, come out of his dreams and live with realities with his people if he is to be respected as leader.

If I were given chance to rate him, to give him marks, along with his predecessors, well, I would be mean, not because I hate him but because he has not done enough worth my praise.

Turning a few dilapidated groceries into the so-called community colleges without running water and electricity is a joke in the name of development.

Rehabilitating a few township roads is the normal job of city councils or government depending on the category of the road; therefore, I do not need to praise anyone for doing his job.

Begging donors for food for hungry Malawians due to El Nino effects and bad government agricultural policies is the very reason governments are voted in every five years.

This President and his government must wake up, move on and start implementing programmes that should uplift the lives of the people instead of crying over spilt milk that the bad economy is due to the K30 billion Cashgate during the Joyce Banda and People’s Party reign.

We all know that Cashgate is partly responsible for the bad economy but if DPP were able to fix it, two and half years would be long enough to repair the K30 billion damage.

As the party swiftly identified a temporary replacement for Ecklen Kudontoni, the fallen DPP secretary general, the national governing council should swiftly as well find a suitable position for Chilima in the party as Mutharika, Goodall and the cabinet swiftly find solutions to Malawi’s economic problems.

Failing which, we will think that our president is living on the moon, on Jupiter or Mars!

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