Muhanya dates Jacaranda Cultural Centre Thursday


Muhanya will Thursday perform at Jacaranda Cultural Centre (JCC) in Blantyre in a live concert where he will give people a dosage of his experience in Europe.

The singer and guitarist had outings in France and Germany in August and December last year.

“This show will be my first in Blantyre since my performances in Europe. I had a show at Grittah’s Camp in Lilongwe after coming back from Germany but now I have to do it for Blantyre fans as well,” Muhanya said Tuesday.


The musician also said that his selection of JCC for a performance was to support the centre but also thank its director, Luc Deschamps, who helped him on his France tour.

“Without the support of Luc Deschamps I could not have made it to France but he came in handy to help me. I learnt a lot on my France trip because I had street shows and also built networks with other artists,” he said.

Muhanya also said the France and Germany tours helped him improve his music.


In Germany, he had performances in Frankfurt and Berlin among other places.

“No doubt about this, my music has changed. There is transition for me, the performances have improved and the response from the audience has also been massive,” he said.

The musician said through Thursday’s show, people will get to experience his journey, where he started, where he is now and where he is going.

“My song writing has changed as well; my songs now are deeply rooted into various issues affecting people apart from my personal stories. I am currently involved in different projects and as a filmmaker, I have produced documentaries tackling important issues,” Muhanya said.

He also said that he has new songs citing among others ‘Fishermen’ which speaks volumes of Malawi’s beauty.

“This song is talking about the beauty of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa. We have a lot, you talk about Lake Malawi, the mountains and I am also talking about fishermen so people will have that chance to sample it live,” Muhanya said.

His experience in Europe also led him to come up with a song titled ‘New System.’

“‘New System’ is a song which was inspired by the new systems in music I saw in France and Germany. Apart from that, I had workshops teaching people all about Malawi so art is making strides for the country and it needs to be supported fully,” he said.

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