Music Crossroads fetches old-timers


Music in Malawi has moved through a long journey to be where it is. Today there are youthful artists who are at their peak but the past also had musicians who had their moments of fame.

While many of the old artists passed on, there are others who are still alive but they decided to disappear from the scene to give a chance to the younger ones to flourish.

But once a musician always a musician, so they say. Music Crossroads has decided to put together what they call an Old’s Good Band that will see some of the old faces in music coming back to the stage.


Music Crossroads Malawi Director Mathews Mfune said this was a new chapter and one of several initiatives they have aimed at helping the music industry grow.

“Music Crossroads is running several projects and to wind up the year, we decided to come up with musical activities. We have to know where we are coming from as far as music is concerned in the country, hence this Old’s Good Band initiative,” Mfune said.

The Old’s Good Band will perform on Saturday at Grittah’s Camp in Lilongwe.


“This is a must not miss show because we have veterans performing. We also call upon upcoming musicians to come and learn something from them,” he said.

He said this was the first show for the group and that it was important for people to support them.

The show will be spiced up by New Daughters Band.

Musician Neil Nayar, who is among those spearheading the show at Grittahs Camp, said this will be a special moment for the people as they will get to listen to old songs.

“People should expect favourite old time hits,” Nayar said.

Bernard Kwilimbe, who has been in the music industry for a long time and is also the former director of culture, will be the lead vocalist of the Old’s Good Band.

In an interview of Wednesday, Kwilimbe said he was excited to come out and perform once again.

“We were contacted by Music Crossroads and so we are happy to perform and we are ready,” he said.

Other members of the group are Lester Mwanthunga (bass guitar), Charles Kapolo (drums), Frazer Tafatatha (rhythm guitar), Andrew Pukutani (guitar) and Arthur Nyirenda (bongos).

Several people on the social media have since hailed Music Crossroads for bringing some of the veteran musicians out of hibernation.

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