Musician Fuggie Kasipa arrested in an illegal fire arm police investigation


Renowned musician Fuggie Kasipa and three others including a Korean national have been arrested.
Southern Region Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Beatrice Mikuwa confirmed the arrest on Thursday but could not divulge more details.

“I can confirm that Fuggie Kasipa has been arrested but we will give you full details later,” said Mikuwa.
She also could not disclose where Kasipa was being held.

But sources within the police said Kasipa, 37, who hails from Jali Village Traditional Authority Mwambo in Zomba was arrested on Wednesday in connection with an illegal fire arm.


“The police have been investigating this issue for some time now until Wednesday when they made the arrest. As I said four people have been arrested including Kasipa,” said the source.

The source said that one of those arrested is a 52-year old Korean Noh Young, who was found in possession of an illegal fire arm.

“The Korean is the one who upon interrogation mentioned the names of the other three people. The police are still investigating and the issue is at a regional level,” said the source.


The source further said that the three have since been moved from Blantyre Police.

Apart from Kasipa and Young, the other suspects are 37-year old Mike Dalitso who hails from Moses Village, Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje and Stain Chidothi, 37, from Kaponda Village, Traditional Authority Mlauli in Neno.

Kasipa famed for the hit ‘Dale Wangayo,’ which he did with Njati Njedede has not been active as regards live performances.

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