Musician prays for Malawi in song

country is going
through a lot

Musician Secret Nyekha has dropped a single titled ‘Dalitsani Malawi’, which he has described as a prayer.

The artist said having noticed the challenges the country is going through, he decided to offer a prayer through a song to ask God for help and healing mercies.

The song goes like: Yehova chiritsani dziko lathu / Yehova chiritsani Malawi/muchitepo kanthu mbuye / Dalitsani Malawi…


The artist also said the song is derived from the Bible in the book of 2 Chronicles 14 vs 14, which says if “God’s people shall humble themselves and pray to Him, He shall hear them and heal their land again”.

Nyekha said despite composing the song in 2021, he decided to release it this year.

“The country is going through a lot; you talk of diseases and so many ills and so, I thought this is the time to release the song,” he said.


The artist, who is working on another album, is currently working on a music video for the track.

Nyekha started music in mid-2000 before taking a break.

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