Must steps up Covid-19 fight


Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must), through its Centre for Innovation and Research, has set up teams of innovators to develop tools that will assist in preventing a Covid-19 outbreak.

The tools are expected to be used in tracking suspected cases and providing platforms for disseminating information on dealing with the global pandemic that has killed over 30,000 people, according to yesterday’s updates.

Speaking during an interface meeting the centre had with the innovators at Must in Thyolo on Friday, Director of Research for Postgraduate Studies and Outreach Programmes, Alfred Maluwa, said the institution has partnered with College of Medicine to develop efficient local solutions to the Covid-19 threat.


“The innovations are not high-tech because our focus is on tools that can be made using locally available resources for sustainability and easy access,” Maluwa said.

He said the centre is open to partnerships to make sure that the solutions are made available in the shortest period.

One of the innovators from Must, Charles Makamo, who is developing an automated water and soap dispenser, said the tool will help in reducing touching of surfaces like taps or soap bottles to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


He said the dispenser uses a proximity sensor and basic energy sources like batteries or solar to operate, making it accessible even for rural areas.

The Centre of Innovation and Research is being funded by United States Agency for International Development to enhance locally developed solutions through research and technology.

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