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‘Mwahuno’ premieres in Blantyre

A play Mwahuno directed by Nanzikambe actor Mbene Mbunga Mwambene, who is currently studying theatre in Switzerland, was premiered at Lucky Luciano in Blantyre on Saturday.

Mbene, who has starred in several plays including the one-man piece Story of a Tiger, which toured Europe, said he was happy that they had finally premiered the production having had intensive rehearsals in Salima.

The 75 minutes production features students from Zipatso Academy, Switzerland students Kay Gisela and Tabea Buser among others and is a cooperation between The Borders Theatre in Switzer land, Zipats o Academy and Nanzikambe.

Mwahuno is a Tumbuka word which means today but then what does today mean? The production is a reflection of the journey the country has travelled. It is a question thrown not only at the political leadership but most interestingly at the governed, the commoner,“ Mbene said.

He said through the expedition of political, religious, social, economical, cultural nosedive, he is trying to ask questions on what has been the role of the citizen from the day of independence to today.

“The show was not easy here in Blantyre as the stage was very tight and we really had to work hard. But we are happy with the support we received. From Blantyre, we move on to other areas before I go back to Switzerland,” Mbene said.

He said to come up with the piece, he used some of the information from the newspapers and that he tasked the students to go and read the newspapers.

“I also used actors from Switzerland because I am studying there and as for Zipatso Academy students, it is because they have funded the project,” he said.

He said the production is a form of theatre known as documentary theatre where materials for the text are sourced from the newspapers, radio, TV and social media.

“I actually deliberately did this because this is also part of growing our theatre,“ he said.

Gisela said he was excited to play a part in the project and work with students.

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