My ignorance made me blind


I am still sharing with you how I met the Lord Jesus in person by divine revelation.

Prior to the Lord Jesus being revealed to me, I must confess that Satan made me proud, pompous and seriously arrogant.

My mind was closed and shut down from listening to any truth from anyone who gave a verse and chapters against my small understanding and blindness. I attacked any born again who thought they knew better than me.


I quoted scriptures wrongly trying to defend my ego and pride. I thought it is a church that saves not knowing it is our Lord Jesus Christ who saves, who judges and who is coming again. Act 4 verse 12.

At times, I thank God for allowing me to get the 12 years infirmities without which I wouldn’t have known the Lord of glory.

Nobody would have broken my holy traditional religious arrogance that killed the Lord in the Pharisees.


My other serious enemy was those who prayed in tongues. I even insulted them big time, by calling them names. I did not even know that the Lord Jesus spoke about it as a sign that you believe in Him.

I stood actually against the lord. Read Mark 16:27-18 and 1 Corinthians 14:38-40.

Reading these verses later, I was shocked and regretted my being argumentative and sarcastic to believers.

I did put religion on top and the Lord Jesus on the bottom unknown. Yes, indeed, in ignorance one thinks he knows when actually one doesn’t know at all.

Demons of pride and religion, thinking that I was better than all, made me progressively eaten up and wasting day by day till the time I died and descended into hell fires.

Indeed, Satan has and is killing billions through the power of religion, ignorance and pride.

Better persons in churches are those who are humble, searching for the Lord Jesus from the depth of the revealed word of God.

Better are those who have known and received the Lord Jesus and live by faith in Jesus Christ by the revelation of God through His living word. They will never regret.

Please preach the gospel and teach the truth. Save people, is the word of God, the Bible, of any value and importance to you?

Do you regard the Bible as the revealed truth from above or an ordinary book by ordinary religious writers like me?

Satan has hidden the Bible to billions of people to hide truth about God and eternity.

Do you know that all creation and even us came from the word of God? Do you know that the word of God is eternal?

Do you know that you start living in eternity from the word of God?

All creation shall disappear but the word of God will never go away. Covid Delta, Lambarda and all other variants will vanish away but the word of God will stand forever.

Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means pass away. Matthew 24:35 New King James Version

You are secure in the word!

Rejecting the word is rejecting eternity; ignoring the word is ignoring your eternal life.

The Bible was written for all saints not few high-ranking individuals who will also face the same judgement from the word of God.

May you stand strong in the word of God.

You are a survivor in Jesus Name. At long last, God shall also use the word to judge us right and enter paradise or judge us unworthy and enter hell. Matthew 7:21-27.


Oh Lord God my Father take away those evil powers that hide your word from me. Teach and train me from your word. Wash me with the blood of Jesus to clearly see the Lord revealed to me and others.

In Jesus Name I pray Amen

God bless your day as you seek and save the lost and as you pray for the Revelation of Jesus as Christ in you.

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