My seasonal greetings to you all except Nam


I send you all sports lovers seasonal greetings, except my dear mothers and sisters at Netball Association of Malawi (Nam).
Where does one start extending seasonal greetings to a bunch of administrators who have remorselessly messed up a beautiful and respected game like netball in the just-ended year?
Surely, nobody would blame me for reserving my seasonal greetings to Nam, an organisation I have had a romantic attachment with for so many years, because lately it has proved to be stubborn and problematic.
Yes, I must admit that there has been bad blood between me and Nam over the way national coaches are appointed and how Nam treats its players. And I do not regret it because I am guided by the conscience which is always clear.
Yes, 2017 has been a long and arduous journey for sports lovers. As a nation, we had nothing worth smiling at as we failed to achieve anything, in as far as international competitions are concerned.
We have seen how the Flames have plummeted on Fifa rankings despite being given a chance to play numerous international strength-testing matches and hiring an expatriate coach.
Wounds are still festering on how the junior Flames messed up at the Cosafa Under -20 tournament in Kitwe, Zambia.
The junior Flames failed to qualify for the semi-final despite boasting a horde of talented players and being coached by a bunch of seasoned coaches, including senior national team coach, Ronny van Geneugden.
Personally, I have no problems with the Flames because failure is part of their life and nobody cares.
But I feel bitter with the failure of the Malawi Queens at the Fast5 tournament in Australia and during the test matches against England under the tutelage of Mary Waya.
This is the team which was Malawi’s only source of hope and pride but it has become extremely hopeless and annoying.
This is the team which is being poorly managed by some few individuals who have no idea of how netball is played and managed. They do not deserve any sympathy unless they change the way they administer the game.
Sometimes I tend to wonder how some of these ladies bulldozed their way into mainstream netball administration because they can hardly write any script of success story since they joined the game.
The leadership that looks lost and confused needs to seriously change the way it administers the game. You cannot expect the game to produce wonders if it is poorly managed.
Take it or leave it, it is certainly difficult to repair the damage that has been made on the once mighty game.

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