Nam to unveil Queens’ sponsor


Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) is this afternoon set to unveil a new sponsor for the Malawi national netball team.

The function is set for Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre.

Although Nam officials declined to mention the identity of the prospective sponsor, reliable sources indicated that it is one of commercial banks on the land.


Nam President, Khungekile Matiya, described the deal as a fair one considering sponsorship woes that have been haunting the sport in the country.

“We are delighted to have secured this sponsorship. The discussions took some time but at long last we have agreed with what is in offer,” she said.

Matiya said the sponsorship would help the Queens to break into top six and beyond.


“It is our wish that the Queens should be among the best three teams in the world. We can only achieve this if we have more partners to transform the game,” she said.

Nam has in recent times lost sponsorship under controversial circumstances.

In 2016, Airtel Malawi did not renew its K360 million three-year sponsorship agreement with the association upon its expiry.

Nam was also duped by United Kingdom based, Rach Family Trust, of the United Kingdom when the association reportedly secured K600 million sponsorship.

But Nam only got K15 million from the deal forcing the government to cancel it.

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