Namitete alumni move to bail out former school


Former students of Namitete Secondary School in Lilongwe will this Saturday hold a general assembly at the school to appreciate problems the institution is facing and discuss means to solve them.

An Alumnus of the school, Charles Chikwera, said the visit is very important for everyone who has gone through the corridors of the school to get first-hand experience of how the school is faring now, years after graduating.

“We know that the school is not in a state that it used to be, but for us as alumni to help, we need to go there and see for ourselves the situation and make pledges on how to help the school. For most of us to be where we are today, it is because this school shaped our future,” Chikwera said.


He said at the general assembly, the alumni will get a status report from the school authorities and discuss how they will help.

“It will also be a good day to reconnect with friends, some of whom left the school more than 20 years ago and have gone on to become successful in various spheres of life. We urge everyone who has been to Namitete Secondary school to come for this important general assembly,” Chikwera said.

The boys and girls school was opened in 1990.


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