Nanzikambe mum on Mwezi Wawala Festival


Nanzikambe Arts has remained mum on the Mwezi Wawala Festival which also failed to take place last year due to funding.

The festival which started three years ago is held in August every year.

But Nanzikambe Arts Executive Director Chris Nditani could not come out clear as to whether the festival will take place.


He said they were working frantically towards having their own space and that as such, the plan was to launch the space around in December this year.

“We have visitors coming from Germany in May and also from Scotland in June and these are interested parties in ensuring we have the space up and running,” said Nditani.

He said that instead of having Mwezi Wawala Festival, they would like to have a mini festival with the launch so that people get to know where “we are and sample the artistic works.”


Nanzikambe is currently putting together its own place in Chimwankhunda, Blantyre having moved from Naperi.

Mwezi Wawala festival was created to give a platform for the showcase of theatre, poetry and storytelling among others.

Meanwhile Nanzikambe Arts has embarked on the second phase of its participatory drama campaign on burns and scalds prevention.

According to Nditani, the second phase runs from February to July 2016 whereas the first phase ran from August 2015 to January 2016.

He said during the current phase, the group is taking its participatory drama to areas in Blantyre rural, largely schools, health centres and open community spaces but has also extended to five TAs in each of the three districts of Ntcheu, Balaka and Mulanje.

“There will be some 15 participatory drama performances done in Blantyre during this phase, targeting some seven thousand people as audience members,” he said.

On the other hand, Nditani said another 15 participatory drama performances will be performed in Ntcheu, Balaka and Mulanje districts at Traditional Authority (TA) level covering a total of 15 TAs for the three districts and targeting some nine thousand people.

The performances are immediately followed by formal Post Performance Discussions and a couple of days later by Focus Group Discussions to gauge people’s understanding of the gravity of burns and scalds in Malawi and their role in bringing about concrete behaviour change to circumvent burns and scalds incidents in homes and communities in Malawi.

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