National Bank trains SMEs on business management


National Bank of Malawi (NBM) held a training on business management for its customers based in Dowa as part of the bank’s commitment to support the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

During the meeting, NBM also conducted orientation workshops for customers who have been integrated into the NBM banking system from Indebank.

NBM Head of Personal and Banking Division, Oswin Kasunda, said the bank supports SMEs because it realises that entrepreneurs are the engine for economic growth, creating employment for thousands of Malawians.


“As a bank, we are in business and by sharing with our customers tips on best business management practices, then we will both win because if they can successfully run their businesses, then our customer base will grow and the bank will get better returns,” he said.

One of the customers from Indebank, Sheenaz Kamwana, expressed gratitude to the bank for the interaction saying it gave a chance to the new customers of the bank to ask questions on matters that affect them following the acquisition of Indebank by NBM.

“Some of us were puzzled as to what will become of us customers from Indebank but now all the fears are gone because we have been assured that National Bank will take good care of us and we are also excited with the different services and products that the bank is offering,” said kamwana.


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