National Coaches Committee backs FAM’s coach proposal


The National Coaches Committee (NCC) said is supporting of Football Association of Malawi’s (Fam) proposal to engage an expatriate coach for the country’s national football team.

However, the committee said there is need to have someone who will give the team some identity.

The chairperson of NCC, Stuart Mbolembole, said this on Friday.


Mbolembole said the proposal of hiring an expatriate coach should not be viewed negatively. He said the committee’s stand on the issue is that the expatriate coach should enhance a playing philosophy that once characterised Malawi football in the past.

“The coaches’ committee supports Fam’s decision on the issue of expatriate coach but we would like to ensure that a number of other issues are taken aboard when implementing the idea,” Mbolembole said.

He also said the NCC would like to get an assurance from Fam on how to protect the local coaches who will be understudying the new coach.


He described the current scenario as chaotic as Malawi football has been going in a vicious circle without definitive progress.

“Our football has been going in circles and we hope the expatriate coach will establish a particular playing philosophy. [We also want continuity] than seeing a coach being fired along with the local coaches assigned to understudy him,” Mbolembole said.

Mbolembole said the national team’s playing philosophy has been diluted because of the tendency of bringing in a completely new coaching panel when a coach is fired.

He said Kinnah Phiri’s stint as the Flames coach was buoyed by a system that was set up by an expatriate coach.

“What should be kept in mind when hiring a coach should be laying the foundation of Malawi football, meaning the one coming should have an impact across all the leagues in the country,” he said.

NCC General Secretary, Aubrey Nankhuni, also added that, despite Fam looking for an expatriate coach, the plight of local coaches should be considered.

He said local coaches need to be part and parcel of the coaching hierarchy so that they should not feel irrelevant.

“If Fam decides to completely side-line local coaches, that would have a negative effect on their morale and they might feel irrelevant. It is my hope that they will not be completely left out,” Nankhuni said.

Recently Fam sent a proposal to Ministry of Labour, Sports and Manpower Development to engage an expatriate coach for the Flames and the minister responsible, Henry Mussa, directed the proposal to President Peter Mutharika for approval.

Fam was expected to hold an executive meeting in Lilongwe yesterday to determine whether to keep waiting for the executive arm of the government’s approval or find a plan B. However, the meeting has been shifted to Wednesday.

For a while, Fam and Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) have been tossing the ball over the issue whether to hire an expatriate coach or a local coach.

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