Ndirande Anglican Voices go home for the first time


It may sound as an April fool’s joke but it is happening as, for the first time in their gospel music career, Ndirande Anglican Voices will launch their sixth album Namondwe Tonthola at St Peters Cathedral Ground in Likoma on June 29.

This is the first ever launch for the gospel group in Likoma, a district which has been sidelined when it comes to entertainment as artists rarely go there and perform.

It is also worth noting that artists target the three big cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu when it comes to launching their albums.


But Ndirande Anglican Voices’ lead singer, Dennis Kalimbe, said yesterday that they thought of giving people in Likoma a chance to enjoy the launch first and for free.

“It’s not only for people in Likoma but for everyone and those who would want to come and be part of the launch from other areasare always welcome. But this is a gift to people of Likoma,” Kalimbe said.

He also said God has been faithful to them to be where they are today.


“We have for the past years produced very successful albums, people have supported us both financialy and materially and people have been paying on the gates to watch our performances and this time we want to say thank you with this free launch of the album,” Kalimbe said.

He also said Likoma is rich in church history not only for Anglican but other churches as well.

Again the main church in Likoma is Anglican and, for the group, it is good to say they are going home for the first time, being a popular Anglican Church group which is based in Blantyre.

“We believe also that Jesus has paid for all of them that is why we want to have this free show. We also want to ask people to pray for us as we embark on this journey. God willing, we may have another free launch at another venue,” Kalimbe said.

He said they are currently working on the lineup for the launch, adding that they will be engaging other acts.

“The key message in the new album is that we are asking people to continue trusting in God despite whatever challenges they face in life and, secondly, we are reaffirming our stand as a group declaring that God has all power,” Kalimbe said.

Namondwe Tonthola is a 10-track album recorded at two studios.

Some of the songs in the album include ‘Wolenga Dzuwa’, ‘Udzichitabe Zabwino’, ‘Sindiwe Wolemphera’, ‘Mundichitire Chifundo Ambuye’, and ‘Ndikuthawira Kwa Inu’.

Their previous albums are Ndasayina, Tiyeni Tonse, Mulungu Amatikondera, Ndasamba Mmanja and Zimandikwanila.

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