Netball Association of Malawi technical director idle


Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) is yet to officially offer renowned coach Griffin Saenda a contract for his role as technical director two years after his appointment.

Saenda has taken a quiet role since his appointment as he is yet to execute duties for the post.

“I haven’t been forthcoming with programmes because I have no contract. Much as I know the duties of a technical director, I also need a contract to do things in line with the terms of reference,” he said.


Saenda said he was unable to conduct coaching and umpiring clinics because Nam was yet to release funding for such activities.

“How can I travel around the country without funding?” he asked.

“The post requires funding. I have only been able to run clinics in the Southern Region using resources that fall under my office [Southern Region Sports Development Officer].”


Saenda said his involvement with Malawi Queens was also limited as he does not want to interfere in the technical panel.

“Of course, whenever the team is training at Blantyre Youth Centre I offer them support. However, at times I lean back because there is nothing concrete to refer to,” he said.

Nam general secretary, Carol Bapu, refused to comment on why the association was yet to give Saenda a contract.

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