New Dawn disbands stable


New Dawn Boxing Promotions will no longer be managing boxers after disbanding its stable.

Instead, the Mike Chimaliza’s firm, whose clients included Salimu Chazama, Kudakwache Banda and Yobe Kamyonya, will concentrate on holding boxing tournaments.

Chimaliza said he had disbanded the stable due to lack of cooperation and trust, especially among boxers and coaches.


“It was observed that most boxers within the stable did not trust Baddista M’balaka, the coach that was assigned by the stable’s director. They secretly appointed other coaches without the consent of the stable’s director,” Chimaliza explained.

“After resolving the issue of Kudakwache Banda opting to be trained by his brother, other two boxers, Yobe Kamnyonya and Mudi Kuminga, recently also appointed their own coach without having the courtesy to inform Baddista. Unfortunately, the two lost miserably.”

Chimaliza claimed that the coach reacted angrily by sharing tips with rival camps.


“It was also reported to me that the coach was busy coaching New Dawn boxers’ opponents so as to embarrass his former boxers,” he said.

“After consultations, I have decided to disband the stable. I will no longer be managing boxers under the New Dawn banner.”

Chimaiza said his firm will concentrate on organising bouts.

Kudakwache refused to comment on the development.

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