New iPhones in August


With Marshal John Mdzeza:

It has been two months since Samsung unveiled the flagship Galaxy anniversary S10. With a total of six cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, curved bezel-less display and power sharing and yet $100 cheaper than iPhone XS, Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive, must be feeling grudgingly envious.

We are now about four months away from iPhone’s refresh; traditionally, Apple releases products every year in August. Naturally, Apple should have a fully working prototype of the new iPhone by now or else there is no way the company can churn out a new smartphone with the time remaining. As is always the case, rumour wheels are now spinning.


So, What have I heard? Basically three things.

iPhone XS will add another camera at the back. So, like Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple will add a normal camera at the back to augment the telephoto and wide angle cameras. It is less likely that Apple will add another selfie camera like what Samsung has done to the Galaxy S10+ with the addition of the portrait photo camera. Samsung actually pushed the envelope by adding yet a fourth camera at the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for those that may wish to snap fancy 3D photos.

Although Apple is doing what Samsung has already implemented in as far as cameras are concerned, the difference is that Apple is known as a company with restraint yet Samsung has been known to be superfluous. Actually such accesses make Samsung seem to be the winner because it surely offers more for less.


Apple will also add wireless Powershare to the iPhone. This feature is already on Huawei Mate 2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10. Actually, Huawei was the first to introduce it; what is important, however, is that Samsung obviously beat Apple on it. So, the new iPhone will also charge Galaxy S10, other than just the reverse.

You will recall that the iPhone last changed face in 2017; all – glass construction was introduced with glass both at the front and back. However Samsung did the same the following year with the introduction of Galaxy S9. Apple had in that year actually used Samsung’s bezel-less infinity display which Samsung had earlier introduced in the same year. Apple may change the face of the iPhone again this year but there is some doubt that perhaps there is not enough time for this and it may happen in 2020.

Apple is rummoured to be working on a display with embedded touch-screen electronics. Because the touch screen control will be in the display itself, Apple will significantly make the iPhone much thinner. Apple will also reduce the screen size to 5.16 inches or there abouts. That will make the iPhone look much smaller than it is today, a replica of Samsung galaxies.

For this year, expect iPhone to be yet a copycat of the South Korean electronics. At the end of the day, things may look the same, but there is more in a name.

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