New system to improve land services—Minister


Minister of Lands Sam Kawale has announced that the design and supply of the transformational project known as the Land Information Management System (Lims) is expected to roll out by January 31 next year.

Kawale told Parliament Monday that the principal objective of the system is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of land administration services to the general public.

The ministry believes Lims will assist the government to ensure transparency and accountability in all land transactions.


Among others, it will automate all business processes in the delivery of land administration and management services, thereby reducing the time and costs associated with land transactions.

The system will also provide online access to land information related to businesses, companies and registered trusts.

“I do not doubt that [Lims] will help in improving the image of my ministry as issues relating to missing files will become history.


“This is because the departments that handle most of the information in my ministry will have their processes and data sets linked to enhance transparency,” he said.

During question time, Chitipa South legislator, Werani Chilenga, wanted to know why people were allowed to develop forestry reserved land in Likuni along Lilongwe River.

Kawale told Parliament that all the plots allocated to people for development along Lilongwe River from Likuni Roundabout to Chigwirizano will be withdrawn and that development will stop.

The minister added that, legally, no one is allowed to build within 100 metres of a river bank.

The Lims project is being implemented with support from the World Bank under the Agricultural Commercialisation Project which is in the Ministry of Agriculture.

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