New wine in old skin


If you asked me to articulate what Moses Kunkuyu’s Transformation Alliance (TA) is all about and what it stands for, I would probably struggle because I have not paid enough attention to the movement.

I am sure this is the case with many average Malawians out there and this maybe the reason why TA is working so hard to exercise its freedom of association to the fullest and get heard on the national scene.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the movement is doing. Political movements are born to have impact.


When all is said and concluded, this is a harmless political movement of energetic young men and women, in likes of President Emmanuel Maicon’s En Marche of France, hell-bent to make a practical difference in our country other than arguing about nothing endlessly on social media.

Surprisingly, the DPP government is so worked up with the infant alliance that its operatives intimidated the College of Medicine administration this week to cancel a booking the group made at Sports Complex Hall for its conference yesterday.

To say this is democratically retrogressive is an understatement and a tip of the iceberg in so far as describing the DPP is concerned.


Since 1994, this country has had the most wonderful Constitution in this part of Africa which guarantees all the necessary freedoms that Malawians are entitled by birth, and not through the desire or whims of President Peter Mutharika and his DPP cronies.

The problem, however, is that we have put new wine in old skin and it is breaking up.

There are certain characters in this government who are fully aware that Malawians are entitled to enjoy these rights but due to their selfish and evil intentions to retain power, when we all know they have failed, they resort to causing trouble for Malawians.

Why would someone stop College of Medicine from making money by hosting a simple conference of political woodpeckers trying to have fun and enjoy themselves by encouraging each other to be politically relevant and make a difference to their country?

What political harm can Transformation Alliance do to anybody?

The biggest disappointment for me is that we are being governed by a former professor of law.

In fact, President Mutharika was a consultant when this Constitution was being drafted in 1994 and is fully aware about what guarantees it gives on the freedoms and rights that Malawians are supposed to enjoy.

Yet there he is presiding over a party that is trying to frustrate innocent and hardworking Malawians enjoying these freedoms.

The one who said that power, absolute power corrupts absolutely had a point. Power has gone to the head of this President and has consumed his soul, such that he is sitting comfortably at the State House saying nothing, while his DPP operatives are busy making our lives a political misery.

The President has no problem and says nothing when his party is busy intimidating opponents and interfering in cultural events such as Umtheto and stopping other leaders from taking part because they belong to other parties.

By looking the other way and giving tacit approval to these things which worry Malawians, the President is failing to govern using a template that we agreed after the 1992 referendum.

Mutharika is a big let down and will go down in history as an incompetent president who not only allowed his cronies to trample on our rights with wildest abandon, but also took ages just to say or do anything that was of concern to Malawians.

Take the Area 18 saga in which Lilongwe Water Board decided to pump sewerage into people homes instead of water, for example.

It happened over a month ago, to be specific, July 18. Malawians have talked about it, complained about the DPP cavalier attitude towards it and then wondered why nobody has fully accounted for it.

All this time, the President was quiet until Tuesday when he decided to appoint a taskforce to look into the disgusting act.

The question is: Where was he when we were complaining about it for over a month?

But it is simple to fathom. Mutharika has woken up from the slumber because the Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera took time out to visit Area 18 last week to sympathize with the people.

In other words, the idea of a task force is just to make Malawians believe that the President is doing something about the Area 18 saga when we know he is not.

It is his way of dealing with crises, that is, to appoint task forces and then Malawians will forget the issue.

And we do. Seven children died on July 6 at Bingu wa Mutharika Stadium because someone did not open it on time for a football match because seats were being kept for DPP supporters.

There was a task force but nothing has been heard of it until today. Nobody will account for causing the tragedy and no names will be named and shamed.

After all, those who died were children of poor people from Senti, Kauma and such areas that surround the stadium.

Nobody cares because we have leaders who are steeped in the culture of old in a new environment.

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