Ngoni elders back Gomani V


A high-profile forum of Ngoni chiefs, advisory elders [Impi], and royal family member representatives has stressed that the Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani chieftainship is still intact and any suggestion to the contrary is not only misguided, but laughable.

But Dingwiswayo Gomani, who claimed to be the new Inkosi ya Makosi has dismissed assertion by the elders, arguing that the matter is a family issue that does not concern the Impis.

“This is a family issue, it has nothing to do with Impi or the Amakhosi [Chiefs]. This is a Gomani family matter that has to be dealt by us. Imene akuyambayo ndi nkhondo [that is provocation], as far as we are concerned that meeting was useless, there was only one family member there Henry [Gomani] and that shows we are genuine,” he said, stressing he was the legitimate Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani.


He said their camp was having their own press conference today in Limbe to talk their mind.

But the forum, that included reputable lawyers, said during a press conference in Blantyre yesterday that a section that allegedly ‘fired’ the incumbent Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V, was misguided in its action as it had neither any “traditional or legal basis”.

“Inkosi ya Makhosi Mswati Willard Gomani V was the Paramount Chief of the Maseko Ngoni in Malawi. Our chieftainship has set guidelines and principles that are well set and followed to the book. No one can just wake up and say he has fired a chief or placed one of his personal choices on the throne of the paramount chief,” said Henry Gomani Maseko, a member of the Royal Gomani family.


“In our tradition, and indeed our Paramount Chieftainship, a chief is known from birth because of our traditional laid out procedures – from Gomani I, II, III, IV and V. The line of succession was well known and our relatives who are trying to place the parallel structure are just being misguided when they actually know there is no ssue there,” he said, however stressing those on the parallel platform were part and parcel of the royal family.

He said there were seven families that form the Gomani royal family tree but “everyone is aware that it is an obvious fact that the heir to the throne comes from the Willard Gomani line of the family tree”.

“I am Henry Hastings Gomani, I stay at Nkosini [Lizulu headquarters], we want to tell Malawians that the confusion you heard was out of our relatives being misguided. There is no other paramount chief than Mswati Willard Gomani, the reigning Ngwenyama,” said Gomani, who alongside Lymon Zimphondo, represented the royal family.

Present during the briefing were Inkosi Njolomole, Inkosi Kwataine and Inkosi Makwangala. And among the Impi present were former Attorney General Justice Jane Ansah, Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Maxon Mbendera, lawyer Chikumbutso Mkwamba, Davis Katsonga, Moses Chauluka Phiri, Kandi Padambo, Emmie Chanika, Peter Chupa and convener Jones Chikoko.

The grouping also quashed the fact that four families of the seven royal family tree backed the alleged ‘firing’ of the incumbent, as earlier claimed.

Inkosi Njolomole, who is traditional custodian [nkhoswe] of the Willard Gomani said there was no way anyone can want to grab the Gomani chieftainship using unorthodox ways that are not in tandem with tradition.

“We, the Maseko Ngoni, will always respect the Gomani throne by going by the book in whatever we do. It is sad those people are behaving like that because they know what the set procedures are like when it comes to this chieftainship. They also know that Ngoni chieftainship is passed on at the tomb when one chief passes on and not to the contrary,” he said.

Senior Chief Inkosi Kwataine, who is the custodian/counsellor [nkhoswe] for the aggrieved Samson Gomani and other families that are in the royal tree [but don’t assume the throne of Gomani], concurred that the family tree he is ankhoswe for did not follow the right procedure, and neither did they consult him.

“Lizulu is the headquarters of the Gomani throne, any installation of a chief and indeed any discussion or grievances hearing is conducted there and nowhere else. It is now surprising that those people decided to attempt to ‘install’ someone chief away from Lizulu.

“Nobody should just make himself chief without following procedures and away from the graveyard of a departed chief, that is not in tandem with Ngoni culture. Anyone who wants to be Gomani gets his powers from Lizulu and nowhere else. As a nkhoswe of that group, I was not consulted and that is why I say their act was un procedural, and not from our tradition,” he said.

Justice Ansah and Mkwamba said there are set procedures culturally and also legally [by way of Chiefs Act] that are supposed to be exhausted, which had not been done in the present issue.

“It is clear that the Gomani Chieftainship is still intact, nothing has changed. On issues of chieftainship in the laws of Malawi, the Chiefs Act and when it comes to Ngonis, we also have traditional set guidelines. Neither was followed by the said aggrieved group hence their decision is null and void,” said Mkwamba.

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