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Nico General Insurance has asked its members to be transparent in their transactions for them to benefit more from their insurance cover.

Nico General Insurance Assistant General Manager responsible for Central and Northern Regions Master Mbale made the call during an engagement meeting with its clients in the Northern Region.

“Insurance has helped many people recover losses incurred in business for example, our Mtetezi Policy helps victims secure new assets as replacement for damaged vehicles and houses, among others. But there is need to handle them with honesty if you are to see profits,” Mbale said.


While Mbale discouraged insuring farm produce purchased from another farmer to avoid complications, he emphasised on the need to pay the premium on time and practice prudence and accountability in handling financial statements.

While saluting Nico for organising the meeting, National Bank Service Centre Manager Brian Chirwa said it was important to also deal with delays in compensations.

In response, Nico General Branch Manager for the North Frank Gomani apologised to the members for the delays.


He, however, said their rates are more reasonable because they use those of the central bank and make sure clients get a profit from the rate they offer.

“We will think over the request but be responsible enough in using our insurance cover for the intended purpose if you are to benefit,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nico has announced that Mtetezi Policy, which only provided cover for tobacco, has been extended to other crops like beans, bananas and rice, among others.

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