Nigeria’s gospel artist Chris Shalom jets in for crossover


Nigerian gospel artist, Chris Shalom, jetted into the country on Saturday afternoon ahead of a crossover night performance at Glorious Light Church in Lilongwe.

Shalom is not the first artist from Nigeria to perform at such an event as Jimmy D Psalmist, who collaborated with the country’s artists Wendy Harawa and Lulu in the song ‘Chisomo’, has also had a stint at the crossover night.

Shalom said upon arrival that he was ready to offer the best and also bless souls during his performance.


Some of the songs that the Nigerian artist is known for include ‘Dry Bones are Rising’, ‘You Are the Reason’, ‘Power Belongs to You’, ‘Mighty Things’, ‘Yahweh’, ‘You are Worthy’, and ‘My Beautifier’.

“This is my first time in Malawi and I am very excited to be here. I am looking forward to bless souls with my songs on the 31st night which will be great. It will not be like any other crossover night you have experienced because God is very much interested in His people and He is interested in their well-being,” the Nigerian artist said.

Shalom said crossing into 2020 will be special in that God had designed so many things in the year.


“It is a year in which so many things will be happening. There will be special power and grace that will be released on us on this crossover night

Bishop Abraham Simama of Glorius Light Church said this year’s crossover night would be very special for Malawi in that they would pray for a lot of things including peace for the country.

“The Lord started with us in 2019 and the Lord, by His grace has finished with us. We now want to enter 2020 in style and we want to enter it with God,” Simama said.

He said that Malawians should expect nothing but a special night during the crossover night where they will enter the year powerfully.

“So, we invited this mighty servant of God, all the way from Nigeria to come here so that together we can enter 2020 with might power and authority that the Lord gave us,” Simama said.

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