Nine picked in E-Wallet Blantyre auditions


E-Wallet Talent Show organisers finally finished the auditions with Blantyre, the last of them all where they picked nine people.

The auditions were held at Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel on Sunday where several hopefuls showed up to try their luck but at the end of it all the judges of veteran Marvin Hanke, Rudo Mkukupha Chakwera and Dumisani Mfune selected nine.

The nine contestants who were selected included 18-year-old Jeremiah Gwedeza, who was among the first five to audition. All the first four contestants failed to make it and were told outright that they were not good while others were simply told that they were not singers.


Gwedeza was even happier since he was celebrating his birthday.

The other contestants who made it through in Blantyre are Mizu Band vocalist Eunice Kadzuwa Mhango, Rita Kalonga, Shanice Tandwe, Annie Kapanda, Ernest Masi, Kelvin Zalimba, Khumbo Desire Manda and Jeremiah Chikhwaza.

The nine join Ruth Kulaisi, Sigele Akimu and Shadreck Amos who made it from Lilongwe on Friday and Mwayi Matutu and Kennedy Burton who made it from Mzuzu last Wednesday.


However, the organisers were looking to pick 16 people for the competition which starts on October 24 but they only managed to select 14 people including two from Mzuzu and three from Lilongwe.

E-Wallet Coordinator Anthony Kafuwa said they were done with the auditions and that they will go with the number they have got.

“For now we will go with the 14 and the judges did a very good job as regards picking the best. All we want is for people to see the best once the show starts on October 24,” said Kafuwa.

E-Wallet Chairperson Felix Njawala also revealed that before the show starts on October 24, they will chop two to remain with 12 contestants.

Njawala said overall they were satisfied with the turnout during the auditions in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre and that people should brace to see the best.

“The turnout has been good and there are even other contestants who auditioned in Lilongwe but did not go through and came again in Blantyre. All we want is to give people the platform to shine. And this year we thought we should dangle a car as a top prize just to coax more people to participate and this is why the judges also made it a point to select the best,” said Njawala.

The winner of this year’s E-Wallet Talent Show, formerly Sunbird Search for a Star, will walk away with a Nissan Tiida worth K3 million.

It now remains to be seen as to which two contestants will be dropped by the judges.

The auditions have been full of fun and drama for the judges as observed by The Daily Times on Sunday with some contestants simply showing that they were not singers while others begged the judges to be given a second chance.

Others even rushed at the judges telling them they were just very mean.

Before the auditions started in Blantyre, Njawala addressed the contestants telling them to behave themselves during the auditions and yet others not satisfied with the judges’ verdict lashed out at them.

Having been beaming the talent show on MBC TV in the past years, Kafuwa said they have widened their net and that this year the show will also screen on Times TV and Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) TV.

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