No audited reports at Nam since 2009


Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) has come under heavy criticism for failing to produce annual financial reports for six years.

The last time the association tried to present a financial report was in 2013 when delegates to the elective Mzuzu Annual General Assembly rejected the document which was meant to cover the period between 2009 and 2013.

Almost two years after the sketchy report was rejected in Mzuzu, Nam is yet to come up with a valid financial report to be adopted by affiliates.


Fears of financial mismanagement are now high as the association continues delaying to hold an EGM to sort out the anomally.

During the Mzuzu AGM, delegates did not deliberate the financial report because of some discrepancies.

Later, it was agreed that Nam would call for an extra-ordinary general meeting to tackle the issue.


But Nam continues blaming lack of funds as the reason behind the delayed EGM.

The development comes after Nam failed to source funding for Malawi Queens’ participation at the Africa Netball Championship in Botswana.

Some Nam affiliates have remained silent for fear of reprisals.

But Complex Tigresses assistant coach, Charles Mhango, felt Nam was losing direction in absence of the financial reports.

“Key stakeholders will always demand a financial report to check if the association is transparent and accountable. I hope Nam will act quickly to present the financial report,” he said.

Renowned netball critic and lawyer, Wesley Namasala, said a financial report was important in any institution as it acts like a mirror of financial engagements.

“A financial report tells you the performance and current status of your institution. It helps to manage your institution when you can no longer be hands on with all the details. It is a measure of transparency and accountability,” he said.

Namasala said the fact that Nam was yet to produce a financial report against the background of millions of money being pumped in by key stakeholders, was a slap on the face of transparency and accountability.

“It does to a greater extent, expose how cancerous the administration has become. It creates room for rumour mongering. There are allegations of Nam-gate in the social media that some figures are not adding up. A financial report backed with authentic documentary evidence will put to rest such allegations,” he said.

Namasala cited an incident where three players Beatrice Mpinganjira, Tina Kamzati and Cecelia Mtukule for various reasons, did not report for a national team call up.

“They were not replaced, yet their accommodation, food and allowances were already budgeted for. Where did that money go? Only a financial report will do the explanation,” he said.

Namasala said in absence of a financial report, the netball fraternity is left with no choice but to start speculating.

“It is certainly not health for the sport. It brings discontent among the players and cannot give it all. The situation breeds mistrust which if not handled carefully is a recipe for failure,” he said.

However, Nam president Rose Chinunda, said they were preparing the financial report.

“Indeed it has taken some time. During the AGM we agreed to hold an EGM to adopt the financial report,” she said.

“However, we don’t have resources at the moment to call for AGM. Our stakeholders should not despair because we are preparing the report.”

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