No Evidence: Lawyers for Yas withdraw K500 million demand


By Feston Malekezo

Kajoloweka has no evidence to back up demand

Lawyers for Mzuzu based Youth & Society (Yas) have back tracked on their earlier demand that Karim Abdul, an Asian of Malawi origin, pays back over half a billion kwacha for failing to supply police uniforms.

Managing Partner for Ritz Attorneys at Law, Lusungu Gondwe, in a letter dated August 10, 2018 to their client — Executive Director, Charles Kajoloweka– advised to immediately stop the demand because they do not have evidence against Karim

He said Messers Nampota &Company , lawyers for Abdul Karim, advise that the National Audit office carried further verification in 2012 and confirmed that their client performed the contract, which was contrary to earlier claims.

“In light of this revelation, we advise that it will be extremely difficult to maintain proceedings against the individual involved. We therefore advise that unless you further compelling evidence, we close this matter,” reads the letter from Ritz Attorneys at law advising their clients, Yas.

Kajoloweka could not be reached last night to comment on why they rushed with the demand letter when they did not have sufficient evidence to back up their claims.

Karim Abdul, trading as Africa Commercial Agency, Gratolite, Lido Electrical, Kasco Enterprise, L&G Tools and Engineering, Novatech Engineering, was given seven days in which to pay back K585,940, 743.18 he received from police for allegedly not supplying police uniforms.

But on Friday, Yas and its lawyers were found wanting because they did not have evidence to prove that Karim did not supply the uniforms to Malawi Police Service as claimed.

This is must be the group’s lowest point days after they managed to  freeze bank accounts belonging to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Mr Zameer Karim — owner of Pioneer Investments –the firm accused of paying K145 million to the ruling after being awarded a suspicious K2.8 billion food supply contract

Before they withdraw the demand letter, Yas had claimed that, out of 9 companies that supplied the goods to the police service, seven belonged to Karim

“Our client (Yas) contends that you fraudulently but/an knowingly received and had received tax-payers’ money in the K585,940,743.18 that you were not and remain not entitled to have received , retained and or have use of it,” reads the letter in part.


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