No hope for Mzuzu Youth centre


THE youth in Mzuzu are reportedly losing patience over the government’s dillydallying on Mzuzu Youth Centre (MYC) construction project.

The first phase of the construction, which includes leveling of the piece of land, stalled in February – a week after taking off.

Minister of Youth, Sports, Labour and Manpower Development, Henry Mussa, had promised to have the project, which started in 2008, completed soon.


However, the government is yet to come up with tangible reasons for the project’s delay.

Chairperson for MYC Construction Committee, Gibson Chisale, said the government should say whether the youth centre dream will materialise or not.

“This is too much. I feel the government is doing this deliberately for their personal gains,” Chisale said.


It has also been established that the ministry only used K6 million out of the K50 million allocated to the project.

It is understood that funds for the project were diverted to Kamuzu Stadium’s renovations, but the ministry’s publicist, Simon Mbvundula, asked for a questionnaire when asked for confirmation.

Meanwhile, nongovernmental organisation, Youth and Society (Yas) has vowed to engage the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi on the issue.

Yas Executive Director, Charles Kajoloweka, said the government is not coming out clearly on the matter.

“We tried to invite the minister responsible to a meeting, but he never turned up. To this day, the ministry is not communicating anything. We think the best way is to engage the people behind the project—the Chinese Ambassador,” he said.

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