No parliament extension


Leader of the House who is also Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda, has said Parliament will not extend the current meeting despite government having a number of business it wishes to conclude before the House rises Friday.

His comment follows communication that Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, made in the House that government will move a motion today to extend the meeting.

Chaponda said in an interview that the one week extension that some Members of Parliament demanded would not have accommodated all the bills.


“Even if the meeting would have been extended, government would not have succeeded in having all the bills attended to before the House rises,” he said

He said government is now planning to open next meeting next year as early as possible in order to squeeze time for the remaining bills.

“To accommodate t h e government bills, we have decided that the next meeting of Parliament will commence earlier than scheduled. We want to make it in such a way, subject to President’s agreement, that the next meeting should be a little bit earlier in order that we can introduce more of the bills,” he said


Some of the remaining bills include, National Planning Commission, Public Audit and Financial Crimes.

Government decision is against a demand that chairpersons of various committees made, Monday this week, to have the meeting extended in order to discuss the Financial Crimes Bill of 2016 which aims at creating a robust legislative to deal with financial crimes.

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