No plans to beam local football—MultiChoice


By Mphatso Malidadi:

Tiya Somba-Banda

Multichoice Malawi, who are local franchise holders of Digital Satellite Television (DStv), has clarified that it has no immediate plans of beaming local games on SuperSport Television.

MultiChoice Malawi General Manager, Gus Banda, said they recently wrote Super League of Malawi (Sulom) clarifying reports that SuperSport would beam local football games through DStv.


Banda said Sulom was yet to engage either SuperSport or MultiChoice Malawi to have local league matches broadcast through DStv.

“We were not in discussions with Sulom. We didn’t talk to them about anything. The reason we wrote to them is that we didn’t want the public to have false expectations in as far as the business is concerned,” he said.

Banda said they were ready to discuss with Sulom and other stakeholders as long as there is a business plan in place.


“Even so to bring games on DStv in Malawi, we need a business case to look at before we actually respond on the way forward. Then we can take it further. In business sense, we will look at a number of things, number one viewership and how attractive and competitive the league is,” he said.

Sulom President, Tiya Somba-Banda, said they were aware of the requirements.

“We are working on having prerequisites. The solace is that, in the process, we have local broadcasting stations that are beaming games and delivering towards the international benchmarks. The good thing is that local channels are also on DStv and GOtv and MultiChoice is beaming the games on an international channel,” he said.

It is believed that teams would earn better revenue from broadcasting rights once the games are beamed on SuperSport.

SuperSport Television beams live matches for countries such as Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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