No profit in music business, says Pat aBig Tung’ande


The name Pat aBig Tung’ande is not strange in the music circles especially for those who have followed artists from Balaka District.

His song ‘Ana a Chisale’ has entertained fans for years and is still a force to reckon with. The song continues to enjoy airplay in some of the radio stations in the country.

The artist however, has been out of the limelight for some time and it is now 10 years without an album for him.


Tung’ande admitted over the weekend in Balaka that music was no longer a business and that many artists are now operating at a loss.

“Music is not selling at the moment and all what artists are doing is just giving out songs for free. Yes there are online platforms but this is not enough and something needs to be done otherwise we are there with more things to offer,” he said.

He said it was because of such a situation that he has not released an album for 10 years.


“In the past we had a proper distribution system, we had distributors such as OG Issa and Clifton Bazaar but today there is no distribution system, music business has no profit. You go to the studio and spent K15,000 on every song and then promotion. You invest without getting something and without sponsors it’s difficult,” Tung’ande said.

Tung’ande who is a driver and works with Sunfire in Balaka has due to public demand been forced to go to the studio to work on new songs.

“I am so passionate about music but you also need to get something to make ends meet. So, people have been asking for songs and that has forced me to go to the studio. I am making final touches at the moment and by this month end everything will be ready,” Tung’ande said.

So far two of his songs are ready ‘Mbwanda’ and ‘Moyowu’.

“I will try as much as possible to keep the songs coming and then eventually the full album. If I had a sponsor I could even have gone an extra mile to put up a band,” he said.

Just as he has done in his previous songs, Tung’ande has maintained his Balaka reggae in the two songs cemented with mature messages highlighting some of the ills happening in the society.

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