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No room for patronising foreigners



The ceiling of humanity seems to be dropping even lower among some people, especially those who refuse, consciously or unconsciously, that all people are created equal.

The recent case, in which expatriate Mike Harper called the worker of a fellow expatriate ‘a slave’ on social media, is the latest indication that socially irresponsible behaviour still runs in the blood of some people, especially those from other countries.


It does not matter that Harper made the demeaning remarks on a Facebook page for expatriates, called ‘Lilongwe Expat Leaving/ Arriving’. What matters is that, despite his pretense to be a well-meaning human being, the truth finally came out and it is that Harper is a racist.

Harper should be reminded, in no uncertain terms, that the freedom Malawians are enjoying did not come easily. Some people drowned in the arbitrary waters of colonialism to deal away with issues like these. Some even washed their bodies in their own blood, meaning that sacrifices had to be made for Malawians to lay claim to what we call independence.

It is sad that this is happening at a time Malawians are gearing for Independence Day celebration. Malawians are about to celebrate that 54 years of independence have not been in vain, only to be reminded that some foreign elements are out to no good.


While it is true that to err is human, we share Human Rights Consultative Committee’s sentiments that the government should send the inconsiderate expatriate home.

How, we fail to understand, can he cling to a country whose citizens he regards as slaves?

At this stage, even an apology will not serve its purpose, save to remind Malawians that they [Malawians] are easy-going people who take everything for granted. His remarks can only be peppered over through his deportation.

Of course, we want to give the government the benefit of the doubt that it wants to investigate the issue.

But, then, we do not want it to downplay the issue because it may have repercussions, not least that it condones abuse of its people. We are a peaceful people but tolerance has its limits.

Let Harper pay the price of his superciliousness and others of his ilk will realise that folly has no other name than a Malawian angered.

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