No show for Gwaladi, Nepman at Soldier’s gig

LIVELY— Don Tarz performs

Musicians Joe Gwaladi and Nepman missed out on a concert dubbed The Return of Soldier Lucius Banda at Club 24/7 in Blantyre despite being billed to perform.

Fans were disappointed with the absence of the two musicians, with Gwaladi reported to be in Mangochi whereas Nepman was said to be in Lilongwe.

Soon after Lucius had finished performing, he announced that Nepman, Joe Gwaladi and Don Tarz would follow with their performances.


But it was not to be as only Don Tarz starred.

DJ Dumex from Club 24/7 said they only learnt about the unavailability of the two artists on the same night.

“All these artists were on the line-up and we are surprised that they have not made it. We are told Joe Gwaladi is in Mangochi performing with Alleluya Band and Nepman is in Lilongwe,” he said.


With the audience longing for more performances, Wilfred, aka Mr Pianoman, had to fill in the gap as he offered covers.

Despite this setback, Lucius made himself available on a cold night where he offered his songs including a mash-up medley which he did with Patience Namadingo but this time he collaborated with Sam Smack.

“Let me take this opportunity to announce that we will have a mash-up performance with Patience Namadingo on December 24 at Dominics in Blantyre and this will be the last show of the year,” Lucius told the audience.

He said the mash-up coming up in Blantyre is a follow up to their previous mash-up at Epic in Lilongwe, which excited people.

“A lot of people in Blantyre have been asking about a mash-up concert and, having talked to Patience, we decided to serve it. It will be a Christmas present. We will perform the mash-up and then also perform our own tracks,” he said.

While Lucius was performing at Club 24/7, Patience was making history in Zambia, where he performed in Lusaka, attracting a massive audience.

Having been out of the limelight due to illness, Lucius said he was happy to perform at Club 24/7.

“It was very exciting; traditionally, these days I do an hour or 45 minutes but I did more than that. It was cold but people still came out to supports,” the ‘Mabala’ creator said.

He said he was thankful to God for healing him and thanked people for their support during the time he was ill.

“I will never stop thanking God for the healing and I don’t take this for granted. I also have a lot of appreciation to people for their support; some have been travelling from faraway places to come and cheer me up in Balaka,” Lucius said.

Lucius, who ended his performance with ‘Mzimu wa Gadama,’ also said people should watch the space for his 20th album Love and Hate.

“The new album will be out next month without fail. It is just a matter of choosing the dates. Let me also take this opportunity to wish people the best of the festive season. I know we are going through difficult times economically and then Covid has affected us but let us not lose hope; we need to unite and focus for God is with us,” Lucius said.

Dancehall musician Don Tarz also excited the audience during his performance. He upped the game, continuing from where Lucius had left off and was energetic.

He connected with the audience in his routine that had people cheering him on.

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